where the dark earth bends (2022)

Commission: Südwestrundfunk for the Donaueschingen Musiktage 2022

Duration: ca. 21′

Programm note:
My music has always been an intimate investigation of the self. Sound has the power to reach depths which words cannot; it taught me who I was; and who I was becoming.

In 2020, I got sick, and I was forced to change. Instead of composition feeling like a sometimes difficult, but focused, process of investigation, I felt lost. I know that I cannot write the same music I used to, but I don’t know who I am yet or what my music will be.
where the dark earth bends is about everything and nothing. It gathers scraps from somewhere in my future, beyond the curve of what I know. Reaching out of sight, I’ve collected possibilities that might be mine, or might be someone else’s, digging for a harvest that makes no sense.

Maia, this is for you and all our sisters.

A very important thanks goes to Weston Olencki and Mattie Barbier, who co-wrote their solo parts and jumped on this train to nowhere with me without even asking questions.

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