Outer Space (2018)

Outer Space was written for and first performed by Ensemble NIKEL at the Darmstadt Summer Course, in July 2018.

Commission: Darmstadt Summer Course. Supported by Ulysses Network, co-funded by Creative Europe Programm.

Duration: 9’35”

Programm note:

Working on the short film Outer Space, by Peter Tscherkassky, put the research I am doing on visual music on a new level. Even without soundtrack, this film provides a sonic experience through rhythm, noise, and dynamic of the visual. Composing a music that could add a layer of complexity to the already stand-alone work has been maybe the greatest challenge I faced within the past years. The flow of information received by the eye is so overwhelming that not surrendering to a mere audio-visual synchronization has been a constant fight that I kept losing. So I simply decided to empower it instead, integrating not only the music, but the musicians themselves to the film.

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