smudged — a carbon copy (i) (2016–17)

smudged — a carbon copy was written and first performed by Neue Vocalsolisten in February 2017.

Commission: Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart for ECLAT Festival neue Musik 2017

Electronics: Chris Swithinbank

Duration: 12′

A year ago I had a very clear image of what this project would have been. I worked intensively on the idea of creating an audio-visual instrument with the help of some engineers at MIT, but just a couple of months ago we realized it would have not been ready for the ECLAT Festival. I had not enough time anymore to think about a new project and the music I had, without the visual, made no sense. I started to analyze my material, trying to look at it from a different perspective, modifying without transforming it. For the past 15 years I have composed hybrid textures dwelled in by sounds that melt into each other, and this project featured the visual as my liquid element that would have glued the distinctive sonic environments. Layering has never been an option for me so far, but it became a necessity in this piece. For the first time in my life I worked on making diverse energies coexist, and even though I probably did not choose the right time for such a major challenge (I was already late …), this piece has taught me how to turn a negative of a photograph into the original one.

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