New Interview on National Sawdust Log

A few weeks ago, Giulia Accornero asked me to reply to some questions for an interview on the National Sawdust Log — you can read the whole interview here.

We talked about what it means to me to be a responsable curator and a female composer in a male-dominated field. Although I have been lucky enough to meet people who supported me throughout the beginning of my career, it is my responsibility to denounce the challenging situations many female composers experience. It is painful to see that still in 2018 new music festivals have a completely unbalanced gender representation, with some of the most prestigious platforms presenting almost 100% male programmes. Sometimes, people think that organizing female festivals or concerts balances out the situation, but female composers don’t need a space created especially for them, they want and deserve to share the same space men have.

If you don’t know many female composers, feel free to reach out. I will be happy to provide a long list of wonderful names.