Californian Week

In a few days I will be heading to Los Angeles to work with the musicians of LAPhil on the American première of Intent On Resurrection — Spring Or Some Such Thing, that will be performed on March 1st at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

During the same week, I will be involved in two other events: on February 26th, I will give a lecture on my music at the University of Southern California, and on February 27th, the incredibly talented Adrianne Pope and Linnea Powell will play Limun at the Artist Corner Library (6585 Santa Monica Blvd).

I am very excited to go to Los Angeles for the first time in my life. I will be spending time running on the beach (because Rome’s Half Marathon is almost there), reading, going to museums, eating good food and listening to music. I could not ask for more.
If you are in LA, come and say hi!